The CLOB corpus

A Brown family corpus of written British English (published largely in 2009).

Project leaders: Jiajin Xu and Maocheng Liang (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
Time of compilation: 2010–2012
Size: 1 million words
Language: English
Number of texts/samples: 500
Period: 2008–2011
Released: 2012
Funding: National Social Sciences Foundation of China (Ref.: 12CYY060)
Project home page:

Reference lines and copyright

Xu, Jiajin & Maocheng Liang. 2013. A tale of two C’s: Comparing English varieties with Crown and CLOB (The 2009 Brown family corpora). ICAME Journal 37: 175–183.

The copyright of all the texts in Crown and CLOB belongs to the original copyright holders. We would intend a GNU distribution of the texts, given that they are not used for commercial purposes in whatever manner.


See the reference above.


Jiajin Xu and Maocheng Liang (project leaders)

It is a crowdsourced corpus project involving over 147 college English teachers and postgraduate students from over 107 universities across China.


Open access: freely available for download at, or can be accessed through our CQPweb site (ID: test; password: test).

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