Corpus Resource Database (CoRD)

CoRD is an open-access online resource through which academic corpus compilers can make available basic information about their corpora. It is part of the eVARIENG online services, offered and maintained by the Research Unit for Variation, Contacts and Change in English.

CoRD provides first-hand information about English language corpora. All descriptions have been submitted or approved by the compilers of each corpus. Each entry contains a set of core information, including a brief description of the corpus, its contents and structure, the names of the compilers, recommended reference line, copyright details, and availability. Other useful information is also offered, including the principles followed in the compilation of the corpus, its annotation conventions and a bibliography of research conducted using a particular corpus.

NB! VARIENG does not distribute individual corpora through CoRD or otherwise. Each corpus description provides availability information as well as the names of individuals or organisations to contact. Most CoRD descriptions include hyperlinks to project websites.

Search CoRD

CoRD bibliographies can be searched separately.

To find a corpus fulfilling specific criteria, you can use the Corpus Finder.

How to use CoRD?

All corpora described in CoRD can be found by clicking on the menu button "Corpora".

The descriptions of most corpora extend over a number of pages. The front page provides basic information such as the general type and size of a corpus, as well as a list of its compilers. The front page also includes information on how to cite the corpus in academic publications, and a link to the corpus project's own website, if available.

The rest of the pages, accessible from the menu on the sidebar, are arranged in a way that best suits the information submitted on each corpus. When available, background information on the compilation process is given a section of its own and information on the structure of the corpus is presented separately, divided into suitable subsections.

The CoRD team

CoRD was originally envisioned by Terttu Nevalainen, Jukka Tyrkkö and Minna Palander-Collin.

The contributors of individual corpus descriptions are listed at the bottom of the front page for that corpus, along with the date of submission for first entry as well as those of subsequent additions or revisions.

CoRD co-ordinator: Tanja Säily.