LOB bibliography

The following list of works is mainly drawn from Bengt Altenberg’s ICAME Bibliography. Part 1 was published in ICAME Journal 10 (1986), pp. 62-79. Part 2 (up to 1989) and Part 3 (1990-1998) were made available through the ICAME website: http://icame.uib.no/icame-bib2.txt and http://icame.uib.no/icame-bib3.htm. Later works have been included as well, though less systematically.

The ICAME Bibliography contains works based on, or related to, computerized English text corpora. The emphasis is on the corpora listed below. A number of corpora which were not included in Altenberg’s ICAME Bibliography have been added. Note that the code BUC in Altenberg’s lists has been replaced by BROWN.

The Archer Corpus [ARCHER]
The Australian Corpus of English [ACE]
The Bank of English [BOE]
The Birmingham Collection of English Text [BCE]
The British National Corpus {BNC]
The Brown University Corpus of American English [BROWN]
The COBUILD Direct corpora [COBUILD]
The Freiburg-LOB Corpus of British English [FLOB]
The Freiburg-Brown Corpus of American English [FROWN]
The Helsinki Corpus of English Texts [HC]
The International Corpus of English [ICE]
The Kolhapur Corpus of Indian English [KOL]
The Lancaster/IBM Spoken English Corpus [SEC]
The Lancaster-Oslo/Bergen Corpus of British English [LOB]
The Leuven Corpus [LEU]
The London-Lund Corpus of Spoken English [LLC]
The Nijmegen Corpus [NC]
The Survey of English Usage, University College London [SEU]
The TOSCA Corpus, Nijmegen [TOSCA]
The Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English [WCSNZE]
The Wellington Corpus of Written New Zealand English [WCWNZE]

Works related to any of these corpora are given a code (as shown above) to indicate which material has been used or referred to. Only items tagged LOB, or containing LOB, are included here. Edited volumes containing chapters listed elsewhere in the Bibliography are not accompanied by indications of the corpora cited in those chapters.

Note that the LOB Corpus has very often been used in combination with other corpora. Though most of the publications tagged LOB are corpus-based, some studies have drawn on the corpus less systematically, in a general discussion of corpus use or as a supplementary source of evidence in more theory-oriented work.


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