NerthusV3. Online Lexical Database of Old English

NerthusV3 is an online lexical database of Old English that contains 31298 files, for which the following information has been included: predicate, alternative spelling, category, translation, inflectional morphology, inflectional forms. The database is available in open access from the Project web site. NerthusV3 and the research previous to this version have been carried out at the Universidad de La Rioja.

Project leader: Javier Martín Arista, Universidad de La Rioja
Language: Old English
Size: 31,298 entries
Released: 2016
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NERTHUSV3=NerthusV3. Online Lexical Database of Old English

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Martín Arista, Javier (ed.), Laura García Fernández, Miguel Lacalle Palacios, Ana Elvira Ojanguren López and Esaúl Ruiz Narbona. 2016. NerthusV3. Online Lexical Database of Old English. Nerthus Project. Universidad de La Rioja. []


Search guidelines are available from the database web site. For further information on how to make a find request and how to find text and characters on Filemaker, users are referred to Filemaker help.


Principal researcher: Javier Martín Arista
Project HUM2005-07651-C02-02/FILO: Laura Caballero González, Elisa González Torres, Ana Ibáñez Moreno
Project FFI2008-04448/FILO: Gema Maíz Villalta, Carmen Novo Urraca, Roberto Torre Alonso, Raquel Vea Escarza
Project FFI2011-29532: Luisa Fidalgo Allo, Miguel Lacalle Palacios, Raquel Mateo Mendaza, Esaúl Ruiz Narbona
Project FFI2014-59110: Ana Elvira Ojanguren López, Laura García Fernández, Marta Tío Sáenz
Other researchers: Laura Pesquera Fernández, Darío Metola Rodríguez
System analysts: Jesús María Álvarez Ruiz, Beatriz Mateo Mendaza


The database is available from the Project web site, where, along with the database, the descriptive work of the Project can be consulted (Working Papers in Early English Lexicology and Lexicography, open access), some visualizations are presented and all the publications are listed. No specific software is needed to access the database. All that is needed is a web browser and Adobe Reader (to open WPEELEX).


This research has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the project HUM2005-07651-C02-02/FILO, with additional funding from the European Regional Development Fund, as well as the projects FFI2008-04448/FILO, FFI2011-29532. The Ministry of Economy and Competitiviness has funded the project FFI2014-59110 as well as the PhD scholarship held by Laura García Fernández. The Regional Government of La Rioja has provided supplementary funding through the projects ANGI2003/08, ANGI2005/14 and COLABORA2008/07. The University of La Rioja and the Centre for Research in the Applications of Language (CRAL) have funded the Functional Grammars Research Group (2008-2013). The Ministry of Science and Education has funded the PhD scholarships awarded to Ana Ibáñez Moreno and Esaúl Ruiz Narbona. The Regional Government of La Rioja has funded the PhD scholarships awarded to Elisa González Torres, Carmen Novo Urraca, Raquel Vea Escarza, Raquel Mateo Mendaza and Ana Elvira Ojanguren López. The University of La Rioja has provided funds for the PhD scholarships held by Gema Maíz Villalta, Luisa Fidalgo Allo, Miguel Lacalle Palacios and Marta Tio Sáenz. Finally, The Ministry of Science and Education alloted funds for a sabbatical semester at the Dictionary of Old English Project (Javier Martín Arista) through the mobility grant PR2011-0264.