Quaker Historical Corpus (QHC)

Printed items by approximately 156 different named Quaker authors, although some texts are anonymous and many are multi-authored. The aim of the compilation was to create as widespread range of 17th century Quaker writers as possible, selected as randomly as possible. All texts are full texts with none as extracts.

Project leader: Judith Roads, University of Birmingham
Time of compilation: 2008–2015
Size: c. 722,370 words
Language: English
Number of texts/samples: 173
Period: 1650–1699
Released: 2015
Project home page: http://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/pages/quaker-historical-corpus.html

Reference line and copyright

Quaker Historical Corpus (QHC). 2015. Compiled by Judith Roads at the University of Birmingham. http://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/pages/quaker-historical-corpus.html

The copyright for the corpus rests with me, Judith Roads. The text files, created by me, are hosted at the Quaker Studies Resource Centre (Centre for Postgraduate Quaker Research at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham, UK). The printed texts themselves (not in copyright) are held at the Library of the Religious Society of Friends, London.


Basic details on the project home page.


Judith Roads.


Open access: freely available online at http://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/pages/quaker-historical-corpus-catalogue.html

Technical information

Plain text files plus basic heading metadata in each file.