Small Corpus of English Political Apologies (SCEPA)

The corpus contains political apologies (UK, USA, Canada); details about apology: date, author, name of apology, gender of author, country of author, link(s) to source of excuse, reason of apology. An important part of the corpus is communicative tactics used in apologies.

Project leader: Halyna Liubinska (Department of Applied Linguistics, Lviv Polytechnic National University)
Time of compilation: 2016–2017
Size: 22,538 words
Language: English
Number of texts/samples: 232
Period: 1950–2017
Released: 2017
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Reference line and copyright

Small Corpus of English Political Apologies (SCEPA). 2017. Compiled by Halyna Liubinska. Lviv Polytechnic National University.

The corpus is available under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. For commercial purposes a license is required.

Author: Halyna Liubinska
© 2017 Halyna Liubinska


Halyna Liubinska


Open access. You can download the corpus from the link

Technical information

XML format, also includes an XSD validation schema.