Scottish Corpus of Texts & Speech (SCOTS)

The Scottish Corpus of Texts & Speech is a freely accessible multimedia corpus of texts in the languages of Scotland, principally Scottish English and varieties of Scots. 80% of the corpus is made up of written texts; 20% constitutes spoken texts made available as orthographic transcriptions and source audio/video files. Texts are accompanied by substantial metadata, integrated with the search facility which also features a concordancer and interactive maps. The current version of the corpus contains 4 million words of text. Future additions may be made: details can be found on the SCOTS website at

Project leader: Professor John Corbett
Time of compilation: 2001–2007
Size: 4 million words
Language: Scottish English, Scots, Scottish Gaelic (small amount)
Number of texts/samples: 1177
Period: c. 1945–2007
Released: 2007 (current version)
Funding: 2001–2003: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC); 2004-2007: Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

Reference line and Copyright

Scottish Corpus of Texts & Speech (2007). Department of English Language, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Copyright for texts remains with individual authors: please see each text for details.


For corpus details and instructions, please see the website:


Professor John Corbett (Principal Investigator)
Dr Wendy Anderson (Research Assistant 2004-2007)
Dr Fiona Douglas (Research Assistant 2001-2003)
Dave Beavan (Computing Manager)
Professor Christian Kay
Jean Anderson
Dr Jane Stuart-Smith
Louise Sweeney
Cerwyss O'Hare
Flora Edmonds


Freely accessible online at The corpus texts may also be downloaded via a bulk download facility as part of the Advanced Search for personal research, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions (see

Associated projects

Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing, 1700–1945. Currently in progress. Principal Investigator: Professor John Corbett.


CoRD Entry submitted on June 19, 2007 by Dr. Wendy Anderson, Department of English Language, University of Glasgow.
Information for the entry was edited by Dr. Wendy Anderson, Prof. John Corbett, Prof. Christian Kay, and Mr. Dave Beavan.