Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English

Volume 17 – The Pragmatics and Stylistics of Identity Construction and Characterisation



Edited by Minna Nevala, Ursula Lutzky, Gabriella Mazzon & Carla Suhr

Publication date: 2016

Table of contents

Lutzky, Ursula, Gabriella Mazzon, Minna Nevala & Carla Suhr
From fact to fiction: Exploring the potential of pragmatic and stylistic analyses in the history of English

Lutzky, Ursula
Exploring the characterisation of social ranks in Early Modern English comedies
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/17/lutzky/ (see abstract)

Froehlich, Heather
“Thus to make poor females mad”: finding the ‘mad woman’ in Early Modern drama
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/17/froehlich/ (see abstract)

Evans, Mel
Tudor women writing: Multimodal style and identity in the English letters and prose of Queen Katherine Parr and Princess Elizabeth
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/17/evans/ (see abstract)

Csulich, Gabriela
(Im)politeness, social status, and roles in the Early Modern English courtroom: Your Lordship and traitor in high treason and ordinary criminal trials
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/17/csulich/ (see abstract)

Nevala, Minna
Solidarity in evaluation: The portrayal of murderers and their victims in late nineteenth-century newspapers
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/17/nevala/ (see abstract)

Virdis, Daniela Francesca
Interactive Strategies in Victorian Academic Discourse: Citation in J. Ruskin’s The Storm-Cloud of the Nineteenth Century (1884)
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/17/virdis/ (see abstract)

Tyrkkö, Jukka
Looking for rhetorical thresholds: Pronoun frequencies in political speeches
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/17/tyrkko/ (see abstract)

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