‘Image to Text’: Mary Hamilton Papers
(subsumed into ‘Unlocking the Mary Hamilton Papers’ since December 2019)

Project members: David Denison, Nuria Yáñez-Bouza
Number of texts/samples: ca. 500 letters, ca. 237,000 words
Period: ca. 1750 – ca. 1820
Language: English
Type of corpus: genre-specific (letters)
Register: written
Time of compilation: March 2011 – November 2019. Letter transcription started in autumn 2013. Latest batch added in summer 2019.
Corpus website: https://www.projects.alc.manchester.ac.uk/maryhamiltonpapers/image-to-text/
Funding: G.L. Brook Bequest, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care, the John Rylands Research Institute

Reference line and copyright

‘Image to Text’: Mary Hamilton Papers (ca. 1750 – ca. 1820). Compiled by David Denison and Nuria Yáñez-Bouza. Copyright 2014–2019 The University of Manchester.

Images provided by courtesy of the John Rylands Library under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC-SA).


David Denison
Nuria Yáñez-Bouza

Research assistants

Emma Donington Kiey, Chenming Gao (2019)
Georgia Tutt (2018)
Carla Seabra-Dacosta, Isabella Formisano, Sarah Connor (2017)
Isabella Formisano (2016)
Donald A. Morrison (2015)
George Bailey (2014)

Technical support

IT Services, Faculty of Humanities, The University of Manchester. Digital Technologies and Services, University of Manchester Library. Sabine Seifert, Huw Jones and Martin Holmes have made helpful suggestions about TEI matters. Christopher Whittick, Senior Archivist at East Sussex County Council, has kindly helped with some troublesome readings.

Availability and copyright

Free subscription, upon submission of an online registration form.

Since December 2019, the ‘Image to Text’ project has been subsumed into ‘Unlocking the Mary Hamilton Papers’.

The text of the letters is presented side-by-side with the corresponding original digitised image. Users can switch between diplomatic text, normalised text, and metadata. TXT files from the ‘Image to Text’ project, in both original-spelling and normalised plain-text versions, are freely available for non-profit use, on completion of an online registration form. Links are added as new texts are processed (with an asterisk for texts not yet fully proof-read), but the files belonging to the new project are not distributed yet.

Users must agree to the access conditions stated in the User Agreement Form. Extracts from the letters may be quoted under normal conditions of fair use and must acknowledge the source. Copyright 2014–2019 The University of Manchester.

Images are provided under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC-SA). They can also be viewed on the Rylands Collection website.