The London-Lund Corpus of Spoken English (LLC)

The London-Lund Corpus of Spoken English derives from two projects: the Survey of English Usage (SEU) at University College London and the Survey of Spoken English (SSE), which was started by Jan Svartvik at Lund University in 1975 as a sister project of the London Survey. The corpus consists of 500,000 words of spoken British English transcribed with a sophisticated marking of prosodic features.

Project leader: Jan Svartvik, Lund University
Time of compilation: 1959–1990
Size: 500,000 words
Language: British English
Number of texts/samples: 100 spoken texts of 5000 words each
Funding: Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, L.M. Ericsson, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Erik Philip-Sörensen Foundation
Released: 1990

Reference lines and copyright

London-Lund Corpus of Spoken English. Compiled by Jan Svartvik.

The corpus material is the property of the Survey of English Usage, University College London, and is made available to specialist scholars for the purposes solely of scientific research and must not be distributed or reproduced, wholly or in part, for any other purpose.


See, as well as

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Svartvik, J., ed. 1990. The London Corpus of Spoken English: Description and Research. Lund Studies in English, 82. Lund: Lund University Press.


Jan Svartvik
Randolph Quirk (Survey of English Usage, University College London)
Sidney Greenbaum (Survey of English Usage, University College London)
Knut Hofland (Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities, Bergen)



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