More artistic endeavours in the better promotion of historical sociolinguistics

During the early years of the Historical sociolinguistics project, before the launch of the first project homepage in 1995, there were two main avenues of information distribution. On the one hand, the project produced an annual leaflet describing the project and listing publications. The cover went through many colour variations, but here is an example in an attractive blue from 1996.

Leaflet cover

Aiming at a wider readership was the article in Tiede 2000, which produced this admirable attempt to draw a picture, as it were, of what compiling a corpus involved. While the finished product did not end up in the publication, here is an early draft.

© Kirsi Heikkonen 1994

Taking even more artistic license, the project's emblematic sheep was given a new image, illustrating the many fine products merchants would have been importing even in Early Modern England.

© Jukka Keränen 1997

Reflecting the end of an era, with the dissolution of the long-term CEEC team in 1998, but also anticipating the extension of the corpus to include the eighteenth century with its far more exotic locales in a most prophetic manner is the other adaptation of the sheep.

Swimming sheep
© Jukka Keränen 1998