Corpus of Early English Correspondence Supplement (CEECSU)

Initiated in 2000, the Corpus of Early English Correspondence Supplement (CEECSU) differs from the original CEEC (1998) and the CEECE in that it does not constitute a balanced corpus in itself. The time span overlaps that of the original CEEC, while the socioregional coverage is aimed to fill the gaps of the CEEC. For a list of the CEECSU collections as of May 2006, see Table 3 in Figure 1 on the front page.

The Supplement contains four kinds of material:

  1. Material which has only become available after 1998 (such as the letters of Sir Walter Raleigh)
  2. Material which does not fulfil the criteria of the CEEC (1998) (e.g. by having modernized spelling) but which is scarce and valuable, and which is suitable for morphosyntactic research (such as Betts and Zouche)
  3. Material which has only been discovered by the project after 1998, such as letter editions without transparent titles (e.g. the Factory collection, which are English East India Company merchant letters published under the title The English Factory in Japan, 1613–1623)
  4. Material included to increase the word counts of certain individual writers already represented in the CEEC and CEECE, in order to facilitate research on rare linguistic features (this material includes collections such as Pepys 3 and all collections titled "Extra", some of which are included in the CEECE)

For more details, see the front page.