A Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English

The first publication of the first phase of LAEME, in the form of an interactive website, was a beta version in 2007. Version 2.1 ran from 2008-2013. LAEME aims to present information about the variation in space and time of linguistic forms found in early Middle English texts. We take early Middle English to cover the period ca. 1150-1325. LAEME is a phased publication and not all its facilities are yet complete and active. This version, 3.2, is described below with indications of what is to follow.

LAEME is a ‘daughter’ atlas of A Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English, 1350-1450 (LALME), ed. Angus McIntosh, M.L. Samuels and Michael Benskin (Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press; Edinburgh: Mercat Press) and deals with the period of written English immediately preceding that of LALME.

The other ‘daughter’ of LALME and companion web-site to this one is A Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots, v. 1.2 (LAOS), which deals with variation in written Older Scots.

A major revision of LALME (eLALME) was published, also as a website, in 2013.

Compilers: Margaret Laing (University of Edinburgh)
Time of compilation: 1990–2008
Size: 816,170 words (638,014 tagged words)
Language: early Middle English
Number of text languages: 167
Period: ca. 1150–1325
Released: 2008, 2013 (v. 3.2)
Funding: Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Arts and Humanities Research Board, The British Academy, The Leverhulme Trust, with contributions also from The University of Edinburgh, The University of Cape Town, Dr Carol Dolinskas, Professor Ryuta Murakami.

Reference lines and copyright

LAEME is intended as a non-commercial research and teaching resource. We ask you to respect the materials you use in the same way that you would those in a printed book.

An appropriate citation is:

A Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English, 1150–1325, compiled by Margaret Laing [http://www.lel.ed.ac.uk/ihd/laeme2/laeme2.html]. Edinburgh: Version 3.2, 2013, © The University of Edinburgh.


Laing, M. 2013– A Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English, 1150–1325, Version 3.2 [http://www.lel.ed.ac.uk/ihd/laeme2/laeme2.html]. Edinburgh: © The University of Edinburgh.

Citation for the 2008 edition - A Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English, 1150–1325 [http://www.lel.ed.ac.uk/ihd/laeme1/laeme1.html]
compiled by Margaret Laing and Roger Lass (Edinburgh: © 2007- The University of Edinburgh).


See http://www.lel.ed.ac.uk/ihd/laeme2/laeme2.html


Margaret Laing , Introduction by Margaret Laing and Roger Lass (University of Cape Town), Webscripts by Keith Williamson, Vasilis Karaiskos (University of Edinburgh) and Sherrylyn Branchaw (University of California, LA)


Freely accessible online athttp://www.lel.ed.ac.uk/ihd/laeme2/laeme2.html where are also found Preface and Acknowledgements, Introduction, Manual, Index of Sources, References, Bibliography and all LAEME Tasks.

Associated project

A Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots