Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English



Edited by Hanna Parviainen, Mark Kaunisto & Päivi Pahta

Publication date: 2019

Table of contents

Parviainen, Hanna

Hasselgård, Hilde
The nature of the essays: The colligational framework ‘the N of the N’ in L1 and L2 novice academic English
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/hasselgard/ (see abstract)

Chen, Yu-Hua, Simon Harrison & Robert Weekly
“I don’t have communicate ability”: Deviations in an L2 multimodal corpus of academic English from an EMI university in China – errors or ELF?
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/chen_harrison_weekly/ (see abstract)

Romasanta, Raquel P.
Variability in verb complementation: Determinants of grammatical variation in indigenized L2 varieties of English
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/romasanta/ (see abstract)

Ronan, Patricia
Silly much? Tracing the spread of a new expressive marker in recent corpora
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/ronan/ (see abstract)

Andersen, Gisle
Phraseology in a cross-linguistic perspective: Introducing the diachronic-contrastive corpus method
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/andersen/ (see abstract)

Mandal, Antorlina & Leonie Wiemeyer
Foreign elements in EFL students’ term papers – communicative strategy or display of multilingual competence?
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/mandal_wiemeyer/ (see abstract)

Mehl, Seth
Measuring lexical co-occurrence statistics against a part-of-speech baseline
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/mehl/ (see abstract)

Weisser, Martin
ICEweb 2 – a new way of compiling high-quality web-based components for ICE corpora
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/weisser/ (see abstract)

Alissandrakis, Aris, Nico Reski, Mikko Laitinen, Jukka Tyrkkö, Jonas Lundberg & Magnus Levin
Visualizing rich corpus data using virtual reality
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/20/alissandrakis_et_al/ (see abstract)

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