Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English
Volume 2

Towards Multimedia in Corpus Studies

Edited by Päivi Pahta, Irma Taavitsainen, Terttu Nevalainen & Jukka Tyrkkö
Research Unit for Variation, Contacts and Change in English (VARIENG), University of Helsinki

Publication date: 2007

Table of contents

Pahta, Päivi, Jukka Tyrkkö, Terttu Nevalainen & Irma Taavitsainen
Towards multimedia in corpus studies: introduction

Blackwell, Susan
Variations in "motherese" pronoun usage (see abstract)

Gries, Stefan Th. & Caroline V. David
This is kind of / sort of interesting: variation in hedging in English (see abstract)

Renouf, Antoinette & Jayeeta Banerjee
The search for repulsion: a new corpus analytical approach (see abstract)

Kohnen, Thomas
From Helsinki through the centuries: the design and development of English diachronic corpora (see abstract)

Kytö, Merja, Peter Grund & Terry Walker
Regional variation and the language of English witness depositions 1560-1760: constructing a 'linguistic' edition in electronic form (see abstract)

Markus, Manfred
Wright's English Dialect Dictionary computerised: towards a new source of information (see abstract)

Schmied, Josef
The Chemnitz Corpus of Specialised and Popular Academic English (see abstract)

Kehoe, Andrew & Matt Gee
New corpora from the web: making web text more 'text-like' (see abstract)

Ooi, Vincent B.Y., Peter K.W. Tan & Andy K.L. Chiang
Analyzing personal weblogs in Singapore English: the Wmatrix approach (see abstract)