Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English
Volume 6

Methodological and Historical Dimensions of Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Paul Rayson,1 Sebastian Hoffmann2 & Geoffrey Leech3

1 University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language, Lancaster University
2 Department of English Studies, University of Trier
3 Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University

Publication date: 2011

Table of contents

Rayson, Paul, Sebastian Hoffmann & Geoffrey Leech

Andersen, Gisle
Corpora as lexicographical basis – The case of anglicisms in Norwegian (see abstract)

Brekke, Magnar
Exploiting salience and fuzzy matching in evaluating term candidates in comparable corpora (see abstract)

Damascelli, Adriana Teresa
An e-based environment for teaching and learning English for the social services (see abstract)

Kehoe, Andrew & Matt Gee
Social tagging: A new perspective on textual ‘aboutness’ (see abstract)

Laitinen, Mikko
Contacts and variability in international Englishes: Compiling and using the Corpus of English in Finland (see abstract)

Lehmann, Hans Martin & Gerold Schneider
A large-scale investigation of verb-attached prepositional phrases (see abstract)

Meijs, Willem & Susan Blackwell
Loaded words: Evolving interpretations of ‘anti-semitic’ and ‘anti-semitism’ in dictionary definitions and in public discourse (see abstract)

Mudraya, Olga & Paul Rayson
The language of over-50s in online dating classified ads (see abstract)

Gardner, Anne-Christine
Word formation in Early Middle English: Abstract nouns in the Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English (see abstract)

Hiltunen, Turo & Jukka Tyrkkö
Existential there constructions in early medical texts (see abstract)

Kohnen, Thomas, Tanja Rütten & Ingvilt Marcoe
Early Modern English religious prose – A conservative register? (see abstract)

Gather, Kirsten
Object dislocation in English hymns between 1500 and 1900 – A corpus-based study (see abstract)